Warming Planet: Studies Show What We Can Expect

Climate Change Can Be Good For Us According To Canadian Government Studies! Climate change can be good for all countries in the upper northern hemisphere including the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia according to studies done by the Canadian Government and Climatologists. The studies show that with the warming of the planet people will once again, as thousands of years ago be able to move and live further north.

Great Farms In The Western Praries That Will Soon Continue North.

Canada has done studies showing where Canada will be able to grow crops where crops couldn’t grow before. The growing season will be longer and more cattle can be raised. This will happen all around the globe just has it has happened before.

The down side with more people moving into lands that no one could live on before; more people will be vulnerable to storms and weather changes. Remember when no one lives some place not many cares what the weather is going to be there, but once people live someplace then everyone worries about Mother Nature.

According to Scientists, Geologists and Historians the earth’s climate has always been in flux. Only 6,000 years ago a mile tall glacier sat on the northern side of M-21 across the State of Mi. Those of you living now in Ithaca or Saginaw would not be able to live there. Then the Paleo-Indians, Paleoindians or Paleoamericans hunted great beasts along the glacier, beasts that no longer live but evolution has brought in other animals to take their place.

Scientists also claim that the earth is going to go into a wobble that happens every 20,000 years that once again will cause Northern Africa to become a fertile land and not a desert. Scientists say we are past due for this change that has always happened. When that wobble happens it will change weather patterns around the globe.

Click on the link to the Canadian Study and to the other studies below and see that the status quo will change but it could be better for people. The negative is always there… people living where they didn’t before needing to deal with problems no one dealt with before, human impact on the land etc. The bottom line according to the studies allows more people to live on the planet.

The up side in Michigan, according to the studies, is that we will have winters more as they do in the “now” southern areas of the country and we will not need as much fossil fuel or energy as we once needed because our winters will be warmer. Studies show we will receive rain but just not the snow and ice that the area has seen but for a minute in the earth’s time frame.

The most important thing that the studies bring out is that yes there will be change but it is no more change than our ancestors before us dealt with. Just as they did we may have to migrate also. If you want cold and snow then you will need to move north but if you want a more temperate climate you can stay right here in Michigan.








Author: Tom Manke

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